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Tamil Brutal

brutal - Meaning in Tamil - brutal in Tamil - Shabdkosh
Meaning And Definitions Of Brutal, Translation In Tamil Language For Brutal With Similar And Opposite Words Also Find Spoken Pronunciation Of Brutal In Tamil And In English Language What Brutal Means In Tamil, Brutal Meaning In Tamil, Brutal Definition, Examples And Pronunciation.

Brutal in Tamil Meaning - Tamil to English Dictionary, Online Tamil
Tamil Meaning Of Brutal - Tamil To English Dictionary With Tamil Meanings, Tamil Vocabulary - Searchable Tamil Dictionary.

Community, Gender and Violence - Google Books Result
The Most Tragic Fact Is That While The Tamil Nation Gradually Deteriorated Into Economic Backwardness Wasting Its Potential Productive Labor, The Tamil Capitalists, Encouraged And Aided By The Sinhala Ruling Class, Invested In South [em, Sinhala-dominated, Sri Lanka] ; A Brutal Fact [that] Illustrates The Class Collaboration .

brutal meaning in tamil - brutal in tamil HelloEnglish India's no 1
Brutal Meaning In Tamil கொடூரமான Learn Detailed Meaning Of Brutal In Tamil Dictionary With Audio Prononciations, Definitions And Usage This Page Also Provides Synonyms And Grammar Usage Of Brutal In Tamil.

New Supreme Dictionary - English-English-Tamil - Google Books Result
Rather Rude, Mrfkursn^ ^sxonmk Brut 'bru T (ad J 'ij ($l Very Dry, Unsweetened, A-toirpg, {glaiflut5la)toir$ Bru-tal 'bru Ti (ad ,) 'u C5lffl) Savage, I&y^ Be, Sjanwirem; Inhuman, U>flrf)0u Ubotl Jglaxotrg • The Brutal Behaviour Of Some Students At Times Is Rather Bad Bru-tal- Ise Bru Talaiz (u F-u I,),u C3l I_a«)(ii«u Brutalised, .

Sri Lankan Civil War - Wikipedia
The Sri Lankan Civil War Was An Armed Conflict Fought On The Island Of Sri Lanka Beginning On 23 July 1983, There Was An Intermittent Insurgency Against The Government By The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (the Ltte, Also Known As The Tamil Tigers), Which Fought To Create An Independent Tamil State Called Tamil .

English - English Tamil Dictionary - Google Books Result
Move Stir Budgerigarfnj 'u L -ga(fl« (r A Kind Of Love Bird, S^n, Suema, Twti,t,v Unjmsu Budgetfn) 'u ^)l Financial Statement, Till] Hi Titlmtljs, M'l Iii Apparatus, An Incompetent Or Foolish Fellow Buffet(nj 'u '<,°i5)l A Refreshment Brusquefad;v U Ir<rua Rough In Manner, (yururssr Brutal F T Id; J Vi Fhi Eii Cruel, Inhuman, Unkind.

What is the Tamil word for brutal - WordHippo
How Do You Say ' Brutal' In Tamil Here's A List Of Words You May Be Looking For.

A pocket dictionary of English and Tamil - Google Books Result
Qpa- Oßirrs-i^ Brush, V Tödeykirädoo, &œ I_ Brutal, A Kodoomäyänäh, Qstr ® Ee>lùiuireer Brutally, Adv Kodoomâyâh, Qsirsedlctuiri) Brute, (man,) « Kodeeyävun, Qsrríp-iliajgrrr Bubble, V (in Boiling,) Kodee- Kirädoo, Osirßsäp^i Bucket,» Yettatshâl,(juj°j,ff »wa> Buckle, » Vellävee, ОшятапгвЗ Buckle, V Mootookiradoo, .

Return to Sri Lanka Indian soldier revisits a brutal battlefield - BBC
18 Oct 2017 I Enter With Retired Major General Sheonan Singh, Who Served With The Indian Peacekeeping Force (ipkf) That Was Sent To Sri Lanka To Oversee A Ceasefire With Separatist Militants From The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (ltte), Who Were Fighting For A Homeland For Minority Tamils In The North We See A .

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English To Tamil Dictionary Brutal Meaning And Definitions Of Brutal, Translation In Tamil Language For Brutal With Similar And Opposite Words Also Find Spoken Pronunciation Of Brutal In Tamil And In English Language Tags For The Entry Brutal What Brutal Means In Tamil, Brutal Meaning In Tamil, Brutal Definition, Examples .

Anglo-Tamil Dictionary With the Tamil Words Printed in the Roman, - Google Books Result
With The Tamil Words Printed In The Roman, As Well As In The Tamil Character P Percival Brink, S Karai, Vilimbu, Easr, Assifib Brisk A Jágrathaiyulla, &ire8ir6bifitl¡ Eîrarr Bristle, Brutal, A Dushda, Kodij'a, Gio$ I-, Q^ir Uf-lu Brute, S Mirugam, Arivili, Us(^sib, «jy JsaÑes Brutish, а Mirugattanamána, Ißqcmßfi Ebtlq Rsbt.

A Pocket Dictionary of English and Tamil, Giving the Nomenclature - Google Books Result
Brush, V Tödëykirädoo, 5mn даты! Brutal, а Kodoomñylinäh, Оыт Фетиши Ген Brutully, Adv Kodoomäyâh, Qälrœcmmurrù Brute, (шащ) S Kodeeyävůn, Ошщыишсёт Bubble, V (in B0ili11g,) Kodecklrädoo, Gerrßâßpß Висишь ‚ уеЬЪйЁвЪЫДшйрйвггф Buckle, S Vellävee, Отёки тая Buckle, V Mootookiradoo , (ya .

A Tamil movie based on true events has sparked off an uneasy
9 Feb 2016 A Tamil Movie Based On True Events Has Sparked Off An Uneasy Debate On Police Brutality The Movie Has Received Appreciation From Stars Like Kamal And Rajinikanth, But Also Led To Angry Reactions From Cops Ramanathan S.

Malaysia teen Nhaveen dies after brutal assault by bullies, SE Asia
16 Jun 2017 George Town (the Star Asia News Network) -an 18-year-old Youth Who Was Beaten With Helmets, Burned On His Back And Sodomised By An Object By Five Youths Following A Spat Has Died Read More At Straitstimes Com.

Brutal - Jallikattu protestors battle it out with Tamil Nadu Police The
24 Jan 2017 S George, The City Police Commissioner, Said Crackdown Came As Groups Of Trouble-makers Tried To Break Barricades Set By Police Across The City To Prevent More People From Joining Protesters At The Beach Brutal.

Puny but brutal - TAMIL NADU - The Hindu
C Jaishankar Ramanathapuram Foreign Products, Right From Pen To Cars, Always Have Quite A Few Takers In Our Country Quality Is Perceived As A Reason Now, It Is The Turn Of A Foreign Rooster Variet.

Tamil Nadu Man alleges brutal assault by police - The Hindu
3 Aug 2017 Says He And His Father Were Beaten Up By Uthiramerur Police.

Journalist's brutal murder shocks civil society - Tamil Movie News
5 Sep 2017 Gauri Lankesh, A Bengaluru-based Journalist And Founder-editor Of A Tabloid, Was On Tuesday Night Shot-dead By Unidentified Men At Her Rajarajeshwari Nagar Residence We Learnt That The Victim Was Shot Dead From Close Range When She Was Standing At Her House Around 8 00 P M Three Bullets Hit Her .

Brutal - Film Society of Lincoln Center
First-time Director Shanjhey Kumar Perumal Channels The Spirit Of Satyajit Ray In This Coming-of-age Story About A Boy Growing Up In A Community Of Tamil Immigrants In Malaysia During The 1990s The Film Introduces Us To Appoy ( Magnificently Played By Harvind Raj), A Spirited Kid Who Would Rather Watch Gangster Flicks And .

Brutal crackdown Frontline
The Cheerfulness And Geniality That Was Evident Among The Thousands Of Students And Other Young People Who Had Gathered On Chennai's Marina Beach From January 17, Seeking Revocation Of The Ban On The Traditional Sport Of Jallikattu , Evaporated With The Brutal Police Action On January 23 The Young Protesters And .

How Not To Win A War The Global Mail - tgm-archive
Four Years After Its Brutal Victory Over Tamil Tiger Rebels That Ended A 26-year- Long Civil War, Sri Lanka's Sinhalese-led Government Is At Pains To Persuade The World That It Has At Last Brought Peace And Unity To This Troubled Island And The Captain Of The Flag-carrying Srilankan Airlines Flight 423 From Bangkok Seems Keen To .

brutal Tamil Dictionary Meaning - அகராதி
Tamil Meaning For The English Word Brutal Is கொடுமையான From செந்தமிழ் அகராதி.

Q&A Sri Lanka's civil war through a Tamil lens Tamil Tigers Al
31 Jan 2018 Sri Lankan Filmmaker Jude Ratnam On The Challenges Of Confronting The Legacy Of His Country's Brutal Civil War.

Jaffna university tamil student attacked Sri lanka News - Timetamil
26 ஜனவரி 2018 The First Year Of The Science Faculty, A Tamil Student Was Attacked By The Second Year Sinhalese Students Around Night 9'o Clock When Fellow Students Were Trying To Take The Injured Student To Hospital The Sinhala Students Told Them, That He Was Ltte Take Him To A Military Hospital Thus They Started A Heated .

Brutal lynching in India Muslim bodybuilder killed over faith or gang
23 Jul 2017 A Disturbing Video Of An Indian Muslim Man Being Brutally Lynched By 11 People Armed With Swords And Sticks In Maharashtra State Has Gone Viral On Social Media And Prompted A Debate On The Victim's Identity According To Reports In Indian Media, The Victim, Whom Police Identified As Rafiquddin, Allegedly .

Why we must watch Tamil documentary Kakkoos, a brutal exposé of
3 Aug 2017 The Latest To Suffer Is The Young, Full-of-stars-in-her-eyes Debutant Documentary Filmmaker, Divya Bharathi, Whose Longish Kakkoos (toilet), Is A Brutal Expose Of Manual Scavenging In Tamil Nadu Despite The State Government's Contention That Sanitary Workers No Longer Use Their Bare Hands And Feet And .

The Tamil Tigers (LTTE) Kumpulan Pengganas 'Brutal' Di Sri Lanka
5 Mei 2017 Bukan Itu Sahaja, Malah Mereka Ini Juga Dianggap Sebagai Militan Yang Paling ' Brutal' Di Dunia Kerana Menjadi Satu-satunya Kumpulan Ekstrimis Yang Pernah Membunuh Dua Orang Pemimpin Dunia Untuk Pengetahuan Anda, Kumpulan Militan Yang Diperkatakan Ini Bergelar Liberation Tigers Of Tamil .

The Tamil Tigers - TIME
4 Jan 2009 The Tamil Tigers Of Sri Lanka Are Undoubtedly One Of The Most Organized, Effective And Brutal Terrorist Groups In The World They Invented The Suicide Vest And, According To The Fbi, Are The Only Terrorist Group To Have Assassinated Two World Leaders The Rebels, Based In Northern And Eastern Sri Lanka, Have .,8599,1869501,00.html..

The Tamil Tigers' long fight explained - CNN com
18 May 2009 Sri Lanka's Defense Ministry Says This Handout Photo Shows Troops With A Captured Tamil Tiger Craft That Group Eventually Morphed Into The Tamil Tigers, Who Have Engaged In A Brutal 25-year Insurgency For An Independent Tamil State That Has Left More Than 70,000 Dead Along The Way, The Group Has .

Sri Lanka Tamil killings 'ordered from the top' – Channel 4 News
18 May 2010 It Was A Decisive End To A Brutal 30-year War In Which Both Sides Stand Accused Of War Crimes The Final Showdown In Sri Lanka's War Against The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (ltte) Was As Bloody As The Campaign The Tigers Had Waged For A Tamil Homeland A Year Ago, They Were Finally Cornered, .

Six get death sentence for brutal Tamil Nadu 'honor killing'
12 Dec 2017 More Than 1 5 Years After Murdering A Dalit Youth In Full Public View, Six Persons In Tamil Nadu Have Been Sentenced To Death For The 'honor Killing' The Video Of A Group Of Men Hacking Sankar And.

Brutal murder of two students of Jaffna University - Tamil Youth
23 Oct 2016 Brutal Murder Of Two Students Of Jaffna University – Yet Another Emphasis On The Desperate Need For Real, Independent Solution For Eelam Tamils Two Jaffna University Students Have Been Shot Dead By Sinhala Policemen On 20th October 2016, Marking Yet .

Tamil leader's death ends bloody, brutal 30-year war - Independent ie
Tamil Leader's Death Ends Bloody, Brutal 30-year War Sri Lankans Waving National Flags As They Celebrated The End Of Civil War In Colombo Yesterday 1 Sri Lankans Waving National Flags As They Celebrated The End Of Civil War In Colombo Yesterday Andrew Buncombe May 19 2009 12 00 Am 0 Comments .

Tamil Indians stand with Kashmir Free Kashmir from brutal Indian
Tamil Indians Stand With Kashmir Free Kashmir From Brutal Indian Military Occupation.

In Sri Lanka the war is over but Tamil Tiger remnants suffer brutal
21 May 2009 Reports Are Emerging From Inside Sri Lanka's Internment Camps Of Brutal Revenge Being Taken Against Tamil Tiger Fighters And The Abduction Of Young Children By Paramilitary Groups Detainees In One Of The Camps Told The Guardian That A Number Of Female Tamil Tigers Have Been Murdered After Giving .

Thane Cyclone and Brutal Caste Atrocity against Dalits in
1 Jan 2012 Thane Cyclone Relief Responses And Caste Based Discrimination Against Dalits - Sasy Interventions 2012 Thane Cyclone And Brutal Caste Atrocity Against Dalits In Pondicherry And Tamil Nadu States A Fact Finding Report Sathamangalam Is A Village Panchayat Consists Of Mel Sathamangalam, Keezh.

Sri Lanka Appoints First Tamil Navy Chief After Four Decades - NDTV
18 Aug 2017 Rear Admiral Travis Sinniah Was Today Appointed As The Chief Of Sri Lanka's Naval Forces, Making Him The First From The Minority Tamil Community To Head The Navy Since The Brutal Civil War Erupted In The Country 45 Years Ago.

Tamil thugs jailed for 'brutal and racist' attack on Sinhalese shopper
18 Apr 2013 Two Tamil Thugs Who Launched A ' Brutal And Racist' Attack On An Unassuming Shopper With A Different Ethnicity Have Been Jailed.

The brutal murder of two innocent Tamil university students by the
29 Oct 2016 Two Innocent Jaffna University Students, Nadarajah Kajan (23) And Pavunraj Suluxan (24), Were Gunned Down On Thursday (20 10 2016) Early Morning By The Sinhalese Police While They Were Returning To Their Residence On Their Motorbike They Were Shot And Killed Because They Were Tamils.

Tamil Tigers run a “brutal organization – “a creepy, cult-like outfit
8 Jul 2008 'last Year, A Female Suicide Bomber Walked Into Sri Lanka's Defence Headquarters Pretending To Be Pregnant But Her Tummy Bulge In Fact Contained Explosives She Missed Killing The Sri Lankan Chief Of Staff, But Managed To Take Out 11 Others Just Last Month, In Two Separate Attacks, Black Tiger Bombers .

Tamil Indians stand with Kashmir Free Kashmir from brutal Indian
Tamil Indians Stand With Kashmir Free Kashmir From Brutal Indian Military Occupation.

Travels with The Tamils A Sri Lankan Warzone's Fragile Peace
7 Mar 2015 For The 30-year Duration Of Sri Lanka's Civil War, The Jaffna Peninsula Was A Tamil Tiger Stronghold Now Its Natural Beauty Is Superceding The Brutal Terror Of The Past.

TamilNet 27 08 12 Another brutal attack sends Tamil political
27 Aug 2012 Following The Attack On The Eezham Tamil Prisoners In Vauniyaa Resulting In The Death Of Two And Injury Of Many, Details Of The Case Of A New Attack In The Galle Prison Last Week, Leaving A Prisoner In Coma Status And Others Suspectedly Injured, Have Started Trickling Out Now The Tamil Prisoner In Coma Is .

Tamil Civilians Deliberately Killed, Brutal Forces Scoop News
18 Jan 2006 Civilians Deliberately Killed By Brutal Forces [january 17, 2006] The Nilaveli- Trincomalee Road Near A Bus Depot Towards East Port Town At The Third Mile Post Junction Tuesday Around 10 05 A M Sri Lanka Troops Fired In Retaliation Killing Two Tamil Civilians And Injuring Several Tamil Civilians, Four Of Them .

Brutal Periods In Sri Lanka & The Idea Of 'Responsible Action
30 Apr 2015 It Was One Of The Most Violent And Brutal Periods In Sri Lanka What Also Fascinated Me About That Period Was How During This Period, Individuals Like Rajini And Others; Groups Like Uthr And Others In The North As Well As In The South, Got Together And At Great Personal Risks Stood Up Against Violence, Against  .

Woman arrested over video of brutal beating of child Free Malaysia
6 Jun 2017 Petaling Jaya Police Have Detained A Woman Seen In A Horrific Video Repeatedly Beating A Young Girl In A House, Said To Be In Puchong Perdana The Abuse.

Browse bands by country - India - Encyclopaedia Metallum The
Biopsy, Brutal Death Metal, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Active Black Blood, Death Black Metal Grindcore, Bangalore, Karnataka, Split-up Black Damnation, Death Black Thrash Metal, Guwahati New Dehli, Split-up Blind Image, Thrash Groove Metal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Active Blood & Iron, Progressive Power Metal, Chennai, .

Mystery surrounds the brutal killing of a Tamil journalist Asian Tribune
2 Aug 2007 Colombo, 02 August, (asiantribune Com) A Young Tamil Sahadevan Nilakshan ( 22) Undergoing Diploma In Journalism At The Jaffna Media Resource Training Centre Of The Jaffna University Was Shot And Killed By Unidentified Gunmen Around 5 30 Am On August 01 In Kokuvil, Jaffna Sahadevan Nilakshan .

Most Brutal Crimes In Indian History 7 Crimes That Shocked The
23 Aug 2014 The Following Confessions By Him Shook The Entire Nation Koli Confessed To Have Killed 6 Children, Performing Inhuman Sexual Acts With The Corpses And Eating Parts Of The Dead Bodies For His Insane Crimes, Koli Was Given A Death Sentence For 6 Brutal Murders, Extreme Acts Of Cannibalism And Necrophilia.

Sri Lanka 'Brutal torture', abduction of Tamils continued after 2009
15 Dec 2016 A United Nations Committee Has Expressed Concern That White Van Abductions And Brutal Torture Of Tamils Have Continued In Sri Lanka Even Though More Than Seven Years Have Passed Since The Civil War Between The Sri Lankan Government And The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (ltte) Ended In The .

brutal - English to Tamil Meaning Tamil lexicon Dictionary
Word, Tamil Definition Brutal, கொடுமைமிக்க முரட்டுத்தனமான விலங்கியல்புள்ள இரக்கமற்ற பண்பற்ற பகுதிதறிவில்லாத சின்றின்பச் சார்புமிக்க Cruel, கொடுமையான;கொடூர துன்புறுத்துகிற.

The country's becoming bizarre and brutal Business Line
10 Apr 2017 While In The North It Is Goondaism In The Name Of Gau Raksha That Is Terrorising People, Not To Mention The Utterly Racist And Stupid Comment Made By Former Bjp Mp Tarun Vijay About Tolerating “black South Indians”, In Tamil Nadu In The South , Moral Policing Has Travelled From Up To A Corporation Park In .

On the 8-Year Anniversary of Civil War's End, Sri Lanka's Political
18 May 2017 One Rebel Group, Called The Tamil Tigers, Emerged As The Most Effective Guerrilla Group Advocating For Independence The War Broke Out In 1983 After The Rebels Ambushed And Killed 13 Sri Lankan Soldiers In Retaliation, Thousands Of Tamils Were Brutally Stabbed, Burned And Beaten To Death By Sinhalese .

Tamil Police Movies - IMDb
Sathyadev, A Sincere Police Officer, Tries To Stop An Organ Trafficking Racket But He Is Unaware That The Man Performing The Illegal Trade Is The Same Person Who Killed His Beloved Director Gautham Menon Stars Ajith Kumar, Arun Vijay, Trisha Krishnan, Anushka Shetty Votes 6,472 Thani Oruvan .

'Visaranai' A Gut-Wrenching Exploration Of A Brutal, Corrupt System
9 Mar 2016 The Spectacular Growth Of Tamil Films Can Be Attributed To The Passionate Audience Almost Every Ordinary Citizen Is Able To Effortlessly Dissect Cinematography, Screenplay, Direction, Background Score And Editing After Watching A Movie And Not Get Carried Away By The Lead Actors Alone It Also Explains Why .

Chennai Brutal murder of AIADMK ex-councillor caught on camera
13 Feb 2017 Chennai Within Hours Of An Aiadmk Ex-councillor Being Murdered In Thiruvannamalai In Broad Daylight On Sunday, The Video Of The Brutal Killing Has Gone Tamil Nadu Aiadmk Leader Brutally Murdered Cctv Footage Tags Brutal Murder, Chennai Police, Aiadmk Councillor Killed, V Kanakaraj Murder.

Interview Nayomi Munaweera, Author Of 'Island of A Thousand
31 Aug 2014 The Devastation Was On Both Sides, The Tamil Tigers Were Really Brutal Terrorist Force And Killed Hundreds And Thousands Of People And The Sri Lankan Government Did Exactly The Same Thing So Both Sides Are Complicit There's Really No Innocence Here On The Culture Shock A Family In The Book Experiences .

LTTE Intimidation and Extortion in the Tamil Diaspora
The Great Majority Of The Tamils Are Concentrated In The Country's North And East Provinces, With A Large Population Also In The Capital, Colombo Between 1983 And 2002, The Sri Lankan Government And The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam ( Ltte, Or Tamil Tigers) Were Engaged In A Brutal War For Control Of Sri Lanka's North .

5 brutal gangrapes across the world that shook the roots of humanity
21 Aug 2015 We Recently Heard Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh Yadav's View On Gang Rape, Which Was That One Person Being Raped By Four Is 'practically' Not Possible We Also Heard Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Last Year On Independence Day As He Announced To The World From His Podium At The .

Brutal Vs Brutal Angry Bird Tamil Lagu MP3 dan MP4 Video
Download Lagu Brutal Vs Brutal Angry Bird Tamil Mp3 Dapat Kamu Download Secara Gratis Di Unduhlaguaz Untuk Melihat Detail Lagu Brutal Vs Brutal Angry Bird Tamil Klik Salah Satu Judul Yang Cocok, Kemudian Untuk Link Download Brutal Vs Brutal Angry Bird Tamil Ada Di Halaman Berikutnya.

Yearender 2017 These Are the Five Tamil Films That Sparkled in
28 Dec 2017 Based On A True Crime Story That Rocked Tamil Nadu And Other Southern States In The 1990's And Early 2000, Theeran Adhigaram Ondru Is All About A Notoriously Criminal Tribe From Rajasthan Plundering And Killing On Some Of The Lonely Highways These Masked Men Were Brutal To The Last Word; They Did Not .

How Beijing won Sri Lanka's civil war The Independent
22 May 2010 A Year Ago, One Of The World's Most Brutal And Pitiless Terrorist Groups, The Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (ltte), Was Hunted Down And Exterminated On A Strip Of Beach In The Far North-east Of Sri Lanka In A War That Had Dragged On For 27 Years, More Than 80,000 On Both Sides Had Died, Hundreds Of .

INDvSL sl take draw after brutal shami, bhuvneshwar - Tamil News
20 நவம்பர் 2017 இந்தியா, இலங்கை அணிகள் மோதிய முதல் டெஸ்ட் போட்டி மிரட்டலான 'டிரா'வில் முடிந்தது.

Sri Lanka - Tamil Militant Groups - Country Studies
By The End Of 1987, They Fought Not Only The Sri Lankan Security Forces But Also The Armed Might Of The (indian Peacekeeping Force) And Terrorized Both Sinhalese And Tamil Civilians With Acts Of Random Violence They Also Fought Among Each Other With Equal If Not Greater Brutality In A Sense, The Militant Movement Was Not .

UNDERNEATH THE MARGOSA TREE Re-creating meaning in a
As Of Today, More Than Half Of Sri Lanka's Entire Pre-war Tamil Population Live Outside The Island Due To The Brutal Thirty Year Long Civil War In This Dissertation I Explore How One Extended Family That Used To Live Together In One Village, The Ur Of “korte”, Strive To Re-orient Themselves In Times Of Rupture And Loss When Living .

Death of the Tiger The New Yorker
17 Jan 2011 In Addition To Carrying Out A Few Massacres Of Their Own (including An Especially Brutal One In 1985, In Which A Hundred And Forty-six Civilians Were Killed In A Raid On One Of The Holiest Buddhist Shrines In Sri Lanka), The Tigers Had Instituted A Reign Of Terror Among Their Fellow- Tamils, Imposing Absolute .

Previin gets mysterious calls after brutal attack - Nation The Star
15 Jun 2017 “the Callers Claimed They Are From Kuala Lumpur, And Wanted To Help Nhaveen With Donations “i Don't Know Them, And Couldn't Recognise Their Voice Or Numbers, ” Said Previin At His Hospital Bed Yesterday Previin's Aunt, Who Declined To Be Named, Said She Also Received A Call In Tamil From A Man Yesterday .

பட்டபகலில் நடந்த அதிபயங்கர படுகொலை
20 நவம்பர் 2017 பழி வாங்கவே இந்த கொலை நடந்ததாகவு தெரியவந்துள்ளது இது குறித்து போலீசார் மேலும் தீவிர விசாரணை நடத்தி வருகின்றனர் English Summary The Brutal Murder Of Pondicherry Tags #the Brutal Murder .

'Sri Lanka Tamils agreeing to Constitutional proposals historic' The
30 Oct 2017 Senior Buddhist Monks Have Claimed That The New Constitution Would Pave The Way For The Division Of The Country, A Goal Of The Former Ltte During The Brutal Three-decade Civil War To Create A Tamil Homeland.