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2 Nov 2017 Wife Is Left Fighting For Life After Husband Poured Acid Over Her Genitals When She Refused To Have Sex With Him In India A Woman Is Fighting For Her Life In Hospital After Her Estranged Husband Allegedly Poured Acid On Her Genitals Because She Refused To Have Sex With Him.

Kinship in Bengali culture - Google Books Result
The Terms Her Brother Uses To Designate His Sister's Son And Daughter (bha&ne, Bhagnt) Are Used By A Married Woman To Designate Her Husband's Sister's The Failure Of North Indian Terminologies To Distinguish All Of A Man's Wife's Relatives From All Of A Woman's Husband's Relatives, Given The Fact That These Two Sets Of .

Christians of India - Google Books Result
These Terms Are Also Used By A Woman For Her Elder Sister's Husband And Her Younger Sister's Husband Respectively In Consonance With South Indian Patterns, Mukkuvar Kinship Terminology Makes No Sharp Division Between Wife-givers And Wife-takers, A Distinction That Is Critical In Other Parts Of India, Particularly In The North.

Cultural Anthropology - Google Books Result
Pita Phupad Chacha Chachi Tau Tai Bhua (younger (elder Brother) Brother) Pota Poti Dota Doti Figure 8 4 Kinship Classification In North India Terms Of Are The Terms A Wife Uses For Her Husband's Sister, Her Husband's Sister's Husband, Her Husband's Elder Brother, His Wife, Her Husband's Younger Brother, And His Wife, .

Divine Passions The Social Construction of Emotion in India - Google Books Result
Devar ( Husband's Younger Brother) -bhavaj (elder Brother's Wife) It Might Seem That The New Bride Suffers Nothing But Shyness And Embarrassment In Her New Role In The Household Of Her Mother-in-law Many Scholars Of The North Indian Family And Kinship Point To The Relief That The Young Newly In-married Daughter-in- Law .

My Indian husband is a momma's boy and is too attached to his
Can A Hindu Guy Marry His Mother’s Sister’s Husband’s Sister’s Daughter In North India Can A Boy Marry His Mother’s Sister's Daughter As You Told He Is Attached To His Mother And Sisters And Hence Attempt To Forcibly Get Your Husband May Backfire On You(option 1).

Essays on North Indian Folk Traditions - Google Books Result
Are Sung, But The Snake King Is Unable To Tell Them What Will Cure Her The Husband Watches All Of This From He Asks The Exorcist To Let Him Speak To The Spirit That Has Possessed His Wife He Speaks, Mind, Mind, He Has One Brother And He Had One Sister The Sister Was Married And She Went To Live In Her Husband's Place.

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Relations in Hindi Hindi Language Blog - Blogs Transparent
24 Nov 2010 Today, I Will Show You The Words That You Would Need The Most When You Are In India Or Indian Community And Even For The Hindi Films Please Note That When Mother's Sister's Husband, Mausa, Maasad, मौसा, मसाड Older Brother, Bada Wife's Sister's Husband, Saadhu, साढ़ू Wife's Brother, Sala .

The Extended Punjabi Family - KASA Indian Eatery
12 May 2009 After My Research, What I Found Most Interesting Was That There Was No Word For ' Cousin' (you're Just Brothers And Sisters) And No Word For ' Husband' Or ' Wife'! If You Want To Refer To Your Husband, You Call Him 'your Man Of The House' Your Wife Would Be Called 'your Bride' Needless To Say, The Punjabi Family .

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Rejection 'My mother in law spoiled my life' - Rediff com
24 Jul 2007 An Anonymous Get Ahead Reader Sends In A Heart-wrenching Story Of Rejection Her Husband, Mother In Law And Sister In Law Conspire Against Her And Eventually Have Her Ousted.

Family and Relations in Hindi at Syracuse University
Brother-in-law ( Wife's Brother), Saalaa, Saalaa Brother-in-law ( Wife's Sister's Husband), Saa`Ü, Sããdhuu Child, Baccaa Baccai, Baccaa (m), Baccii (f) Daughter, Baðxi, Betii Daugter-in-law, BahÜ, Bahuu Father (hindu-sikh), Epataa, Pitaa (hindu-sikh) Father (muslim), Abbaa, Abbaa (muslim) Father-in- Law, SasaØr, Sasur.

Indian bride 'burnt alive by husband's family because her skin was
9 Jun 2016 An Indian Woman Was Allegedly Set On Fire And Killed By Her Husband's Family Because She Was Too Dark-skinned And They Wanted Him To Remarry A Fairer Bride According To A Report In The Calcutta-based Newspaper The Telegraph, Somera Bibi's In-laws Had Insisted On A Large Payment Of 100,000 Rupees .

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word choice - Name for the relationship of wife's sister's husband
26 Sep 2012 I Suspect They Are, Too - You'll Be Having Co-son And Co-son's Mate Next! Seriously , You Are Talking About In-laws Here From Wikipedia A Brother-in-law (plural Brothers-in-law) Is The Brother Of One's Spouse, The Husband Of One's Sibling, The Husband Of One's Spouse's Sibling [relevant In The First Case You .

Essentially, India Is Divided Into Two Large Regions With Regard To Hindu Kinship And Marriage Practices, The North And The South Levirate Marriages In Which A Widow Married Her Husband's Brother Is An Old Tradition Among Hindus In Central India, The Basic North Indian Pattern Prevails, With Some Modifications.

Breathing space in a marriage - The Hindu
26 Nov 2011 The Urge To Stay With The Married Son, Stems From A Strong Possessive Feeling On The Part Of The Mother Slowly, The Tentacles Of Possessiveness Start Spreading Around In Every Aspect Of The Adult Son's Life, Throttling The Daughter-in-law The Girl Starts Gasping For Breath And Is Forced To Look At Her Choices.

Wiktionary Requested entries (Hindi) Multilingual list of Indian family
Uncle, Mother's Younger Sister's Husband, Moha, Meshomoshai মেসোমশাই [ Meʃomɔʃai] Mesho মেসো [meʃo], Nana Masa, Chikkappa, Cheriyachan Elayachchan, Kaka काका, Mausaji Maasadji, Bappa, Chittappa, Babai Chinnaanna भाभी (bhābhī), Elder Brother's Wife, Bou,nobou, Boudidi, Athige, Chettathi Amma  .

co-sister-in-law - Wiktionary
The Wench's Second Co-sister-in-law And The Middle Sister-in-law Got Into It One's Brother-in-law Or Sister-in-law's Sister; That Is, One's Sibling's Spouse's Sister (one's Sister's Husband's Sister Or One's Brother's Wife's Sister) (in The Plural) The Relationship Between Women Whose Brother And Sister Are Married To Each Other  .

Indian concepts on sexuality - NCBI - NIH
Husband And Wife, Though, Contribute To The Maintenance Of The Family, There Is A Clear Division Of Labor Based On Sex The Sex Roles Of A Person Consist Of The Behavior That Is Socially Defined And Expected Of That Person Because Of His Or Her Role As A Male Or Female In India's Male-dominated Tradition, And Everywhere In .

Hinduism, marriage and mental illness - NCBI - NIH
Manu Declared That Mutual Fidelity Between Husband And Wife Was The Highest Dharma According To Mahabharata, By Cherishing The Woman One Virtually Cherishes The Goddess Of Prosperity Herself Wife Under Hindu Law Is Not Only A “ Grahpatni,” But Also A “dharma Patni” And “shadharmini ” The Wife Is Her Husband's Best Of .

10 Things Every Indian Man Must Stand Up For Before He Decides
8 Oct 2014 This Article Talks About 10 Resolutions Every Indian Man Must Stand Up For Before Getting Married Those Things Are Not Taking Dowry, Not Forcing His Wife To Become A House Wife, Not Spending Too Much On The Wedding, Not Making Her Change Her Name, Etc.

Calling your husband by name for the first time - BBC News - BBC com
28 Jul 2017 Millions Of Indian Women Have Never Used Their Husband's Name - It's A Way Of Showing Respect For Him One Day My Sister-in-law Asked Who Was Sitting Outside I Named Pawar Told The Bbc That She Was Married At 15 And That In 16 Years Of Marriage Had Never Called Her Husband Prakash By His Name.

The psychology of the Indian Mother-in-law Madh Mama
15 Aug 2013 After You Get Married, You Can Really Focus On Building An Open Relationship With Your Mil You Have A Better Chance With Your Indian Mil If She Has A Good Marriage With Her Husband Had To Go Back To Get Married And Wooohhhhh A North Indian Mil Quite An Overwhelming Experience.

Top 10 books about Indian families Books The Guardian
25 Jun 2014 Gayatri There's Terrific Humour In The Conflict Between The Eponymous Older Married Woman, And Reena, The Impulsive And Irritating Younger Sister-in-law When The Latter Marries An African American, Gayatri Hopes For A Vengeful Family Response But Husband Ramesh Supports Her Decision, Recognising .

In Contrast To Other North Indian Systems, Mother's Brother's Wife Is Given A Specific Name (of Both Reference And Address) Of Her Own, Maleju , And Not Just A Feminine Form Of Mother's Brother Finally, M Contrast To Most Other North Indian Systems, Father's Sister's Husband Is Given A Name (jica Paju ) That Terminologically .

154 Hindi Indian Nicknames For Guys and Girls — Find Nicknames
8 Oct 2017 Akka South Indian Term For Elder Sister That Can Be Used For Someone Who Is Older Than You Behen Behena Sister It Can Be Used As A Respectful Nickname For Any Girl Begum This Is Perfect For A Friend Who Acts Like A Queen Bewdi For A Friend Who Loves To Get Drunk Often Hic! Bukhad Know Someone .

Indian acid attack victims share their stories Human Rights Al
10 Mar 2016 In 2012, She And Her Mother Travelled To Her Maternal Village In The North Indian State Of Uttar Pradesh To Attend The Wedding Of A Relative On The Morning Of May 19, As The Sisters Were On Their Way To The Examination Centre, They Were Accosted By Gulshan's Estranged Husband And Three Other Men.

Polyandry - Wikipedia
Polyandry ( ˈpɒliˌændri, ˌpɒliˈæn- ; From Greek πολυ- Poly-, Many And ἀνήρ Anēr, Man ) Is A Form Of Polygamy In Which A Woman Takes Two Or More Husbands At The Same Time Polyandry Is Contrasted With Polygyny, Involving One Male And Two Or More Females If A Marriage Involves A Plural Number Of Husbands And .

8 things newly married Indian women should do - Women's Web
3 Aug 2013 Fyi Hitesh, I'm An Indian Woman Who Calls Her Husband By Name (my In-laws Never Objected, Rather They'd Have Been Shocked If I Didn't!) 6 I Am A Man And I Don't Sit In Front Of Elders Nor My Sister It Is Manner Taught By Our Parents… Are You Trying To Teach Women How To Ruin Their Manners By Asking Them .

Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi its meaning and significance - Amritapuri
Sisters Apply Tilak To The Forehead Of Their Brothers, Tie The Rakhi To The Wrist And Do Arati And Pray For Their Good Health & Long Life It Is Said That When Alexander Was Defeated At The Hands Of The Great Hindu King Purushottam Of Punjab, Alexander's Wife Tied A Rakhi To Purushottam To Protect Her Husband From Being Slain.

Trends in North Indian Urban Kinship The Matrilateral Asymmetry
Ideological Level; They Involve Increased Interaction Between A Married Woman And Her Sisters In The Urban Setting And A Broadening Of The Range Of Permissible Roles For A Wife's Kin As Against Those Formerly Considered Appropriate Only For The Kin Of The Husband A Number Of Investigators Of Urban Family Life In .

Indian wives fast, luxuriously, for husbands - Reuters
13 Oct 2011 New Delhi (reuters) - Saturday, Kanika Syal Will Wake Up Before Dawn To Begin A Fast At Sunrise, And Not Eat Or Drink Until She Sees The Moon At Night -- All In The Hope Her Husband Will Have A Long Life Karva Chauth Is A Centuries-old Tradition Observed Annually In North India, Where Women Dress Up And .

Dealing with the in-laws A Desi Girl's Guide to Relationship Survival
I Find Dealing With My In-laws (my Husband's Parents And Sisters) Very Difficult, Because They Have To Know About Everything That's Happening In Our Lives All The Gold Given By The In Laws,i Can't Do Anything Without Her Permission… She Is 41 Now Dg I Want Her To Get Married N My Younger Sister In Law Too Not Only Because .

The H4 visa and the desperation of Indian housewives in America
3 Oct 2016 “when A Wife Enters The United States On A Dependent Spouse Visa, She Enters At The Wish Of Her Husband Her Dependent Immigration Status Allows Her Husband To Control Her Ability To Live In The United States And All Rights That Stem From That Status,” Sabrina Balgamwalla, An Assistant Law Professor At The .

Indian police allege Markham woman arranged her husband's killing
31 May 2016 Police In India Allege A Markham, Ont , Woman Is Behind The Contract Killing Of Her Husband, Who Was Stabbed To Death In A Rural Village There Avninder Bains Said She Couldn't Believe It When Indian Police Told Her That Her Sister-in-law Was Behind The Killing Of Her Brother, Jaskaran Singh (cbc) .

Indian stories - Sweity1 - Wattpad
Before You Start This Book Needs To Be Edited Read At Your Own Risk This Is About Natasha Malhotra, A Girl Who Is Obsessed With The Cricketer Vihaan Kapoor She Is So Crazy About Him That She Wouldn't Even Care About Anything If A Match Is Going On He Is The Man Of Her Dreams So What Will Happen When She.

Cherokee women - North Carolina Digital History - Learn NC
In This Way A Child Is Related To His Mother, And Through Her To His Brothers And Sisters Those White Men Who Married Indian Women Were Shocked To Discover That The Cherokees Did Not Consider Them To Be Related To Their Own Children, And That A Husband Lived In The Household Of His Wife (and Her Mother And Sisters).

I got sister pregnant in threesome – The Sun
8 Jul 2015 We Had A Night Of Crazy Sex And It Seems I Delivered The Goods My Sister's Friend Got Pregnant — But So Did My Sister So One Girl Was Grateful And Happy But My Sister's Marriage Broke Up Because Her Husband Knew The Baby Couldn't Be His She Had A Miscarriage Later And Perhaps That Was For The Best.

Kinship Terminology in Northern India - Wiley Online Library
Heider's Data Can Be Useful For A History Of Law In The Us , But Not For The Construc - Tion Of An Anthropological Model Of Incest For This Purpose Other Data Should Be Gathered; For Example, Analysis Of Cases Of Judgments Or Annulment Of Marriage That Betray The Deviate Patterns Of Behavior, Along The Same Lines As The Study Of .

Does your wife torture you Contact Man Cell - Himvani News
9 Jan 2009 Do Anyone Know Men Cell In Punjab To Protect My Parents Sister N My Relatives From The Tortures Of My Wife N Her Parents I M Not An Indian Citizen N My Wife Is Also A In December 2006, I Am A Bengali Hindu And Got Married To North Indian Christian Girl From Allahabad It Was Her Mother Who Fixed The Whole .

Traditional Family System
Because A Young Bride's Loyalty Has Been To Her Natal [birth] Family, She Will Be Closely Watched And Supervised Until She Becomes A Part Of Her Husband's Family Quoted In Doranne Jacobson, The Women Of North And Central India Goddesses And Wives In, Carolyn Matthiasson, Ed , Many Sisters, Ny The Free Press, .

Tips for a better husband and wife relationship SoundVision com
Many Muslim Husbands And Wives Treat Each Other Like Adversaries Rather Than Partners The Husband Feels That He Is The Boss, And Whatever He Says Goes The Wife Feels That She Must Squeeze Everything She Can Out Of Her Husband Some Wives Never Show Their Husband That They Are Satisfied With Anything He Does Or .

Kannada Relations - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
Wife, Hendathi, ಹೆಂಡತಿ Maternal Uncle, Father In Law, Maava, ಮಾವ Paternal Aunt, Mother In Law, Atte, ಅತ್ತೆ Son In Law, Aliya, ಅಳಿಯ Daughter In Law, Sose, ಸೊಸೆ Father's Younger Brother, Mother's Younger Sister's Husband, Chikkappa, ಚಿಕ್ಕಪ್ಪ Mother's Younger Sister, Father's Younger Brother's .

Signs Of A Typical Indian Gay Husband Still In Closet
28 Dec 2013 She Has No Choice I Suppose, She Might Be Having Two More Sisters After Her To Be Married What Is If You Want To Know How Long A Gay Man Can Remain In Hiding, Well, It Can Be The Complete Lifetime Of The Marriage Until The Wife Dies, The 2010 Film 'beginners' If You Are A Rural North Indian Gay Muslim .

Sample Questions - Family Disputes - Vakilno1 com
Does The Amount Of Meher Paid To The Wife By Her Husband Becomes Half Or Nil After The Birth Of First Child Or Still It Has To Be Paid In Full As Per The Amount Written Which Is Occupied By Your Friend And Other Members Of The Family, Then Under Section 23 Of The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, His Sisters Can Not Claim Partition Of .

Terms of Address What to Call People in India Countries
7 Dec 2004 If, However, I Was Dressed In Indian Clothes (rather Than Jeans And T-shirt), I'd Be Called Didi (older Sister) If The Person Was Much Younger, Or Behen (sister) If The Person Was Older In My 30s, I Noticed But Why Bhabhi, Brother's Wife, Instead Of (i Don't Remember The Words) Husband's Sister, Etc And, In India .

Woman deported to Singapore after almost 30 years living in the UK
27 Feb 2017 A Woman Who Has Lived In The Uk For Nearly 30 Years With Her British Husband Has Been Deported To Singapore Irene Clennell, 53, Says She Her Sister In Law, Angela Told The Guardian She Made Numerous Phone Calls To Immigration Solicitors, But All Their Offices Were Closed For The Weekend She Said Her .

Jealous Family Members A Family Relationship Problem
9 Jun 2016 My Sister's Husband Has Often Been Mean To Me Over The Years And I Think That Me Inheriting Money As A Single Person Has Really Gotten To Him And Gotten To His Wife (my Sister) As Well I Am Gay And He Is Also A Homophobe I Think He Has Gradually Been Poisoning My Sister And Her Children Against Me.

10 Sexist Indian Marriage Customs That Need To Be Banned
8 Jun 2015 Indian Weddings Are A Beautiful, Soulful Yet Tedious Affair, Filled With Ancient Traditions And Rituals Which Claim To Bond The Husband And Wife For The Next 7 Lives This Is A Tradition Peculiar To North India And Parts Of The West Where The Bride Changes Her First Name As Well As Her Last Name Post Marriage.

A husband or a degree India's teenage girls struggle with urban
10 Oct 2017 More Indian Girls Are Enrolled In Schools Than Ever Before, But A Web Of Pressures Threatens To Dislodge Their Education At Any Time They Met In The Eighth Grade, At A Government School In North-east Delhi, Not Far From Where All The Girls Lived Aafreen Ansari, A Slip Of A Girl With Mischief In Her Eyes; Jyoti, .

How the Devil Married Three Sisters
Not A Whit Less Curious Than Her Sisters, She, Too, Opened The Forbidden Door When The Devil Had Gone Hunting, But She Had Previously Put Her Flowers In Water Then She Saw Behind The Door The Fatal Abyss And Her Sisters Therein Ah! She Exclaimed, Poor Creature That I Am; I Thought I Had Married An Ordinary Man, And  .

The value question in India Ethnographic reflections on an on-going
Such Criterion, He Notes, Negatively Characterizes North Indian Kinship And “does Not Take Into Account The Numerous And Important Features Common To Both The Equals Sign Here Signifies Mutual Respect But One Where The Wife Is Always Obliged To Defer To Her Husband And Where The Sister Has To Defer To Her Brother But .

'Extremely controling' wife and passive husband - Family Issues And
11 Apr 2006 So, When She Announced It Was Time For Us To Get Engaged Married, Naturally I Balked At The Idea Because I Did Not Expect To Get Married For Another 4-5 Years She Begged And Cried And I Caved In And We Got Engaged, As I Thought This Would Keep Her Happy For A While It Didn't She Immediately Started .

Cain's Wife—Who Was She Answers in Genesis
13 Sep 2007 Many People Immediately Reject The Conclusion That Adam And Eve's Sons And Daughters Married Each Other By Appealing To The Law Against Brother-sister Marriage Some Say That You Can't Marry Your Relation Actually, If You Don't Marry Your Relation, You Don't Marry A Human! A Wife Is Related To Her .

Curse of the mummyji - Indian mothers-in-law - The Economist
21 Dec 2013 An Elderly Woman In North India, Laughing Ruefully, Recalls How, After Her Rural Wedding, It Took “three Days To Work Out Which Man In The New Family Was My Husband” Even Today, Some Honeymooning Couples Take Along The Saas A Woman In Delhi Says That, When Her Bengali Mother-in-law Visits, She Insists .

A daughter in law's legal rights in her in law's house are the same as
26 May 2011 But Even If A Daughter Is Married Then She Is Still Entitled; If She Is Dead, Then Her Children Have A Right To The Grand Mother's Property (this Is This Entry Was Posted In Indian Homemaker And Tagged Dowry, God Bharai, Inheritance, Legal Rights Of A Daughter In Law, Making A Will, Mother In Law, Muh Dikhai, .

India - Marriage - Country Studies
Essentially, India Is Divided Into Two Large Regions With Regard To Hindu Kinship And Marriage Practices, The North And The South In Central India, The Basic North Indian Pattern Prevails, With Some Modifications Many Groups Encourage A Widower To Marry His Deceased Wife's Younger Sister (but Never Her Older Sister).

Sister-in-law Define Sister-in-law at Dictionary com
Sister-in-law Definition, The Sister Of One's Husband Or Wife See More Just A Week After Her Divorce, She Was Invited To A Wedding By Her Sister-in-law A Sunni -shia Love Story Imperiled By Al Qaeda Ruth Michaelson December 26, 2014 Your Sister-in-law Is Kinder And Truly Taken Aback That You Look “so Healthy!”.

Husband and Wife legal definition of Husband and Wife
Under Common Law, When A Man And Woman Married, They Became A Single Person In The Eyes Of The Law—that Person Being The Husband The Duties And Benefits Afforded A Married Woman, As Well As The Restrictions On Her Freedom, Reflected This View Even Today, Although The Equal Protection Clause Provides That No .

Will in India Indian Will Inheritance Tax Laws
12 Feb 2015 For Example, A Person Can Not Acquire Land In J&k, North Eastern States, Unless Certain Conditions Are Satisfied Under The State Laws According To The Indian Succession Act, The Wife Acquires The Domicile Of Her Husband, But No Person, By Marriage, Acquires An Interest In The Property Of His Her Spouse.

Serena Nanda Unit on Arranged Marriage Part III
(b) New Bride - Husband's Sister (c) Mother - Sonts) (d) Mother ~ Daughter (e) Wife - Husband (f) Bride - Husband's Elder Brother (g) Bride - Husband's Younger Brother (6) How Is The Relationship Dadi Has With Each Of Her Three Daughters-in- Law Tween The North American And The North Indian Kinship Classification Systems.

Plateau Indian people Britannica com
Plateau Indian Member Of Any Of The Native American Peoples Inhabiting The High Plateau Region Between The Rocky Mountains And The Coastal Mountain System Or Deflating Puffed Egos, As With The Ribbing And Practical Joking Encouraged By The Tenino Between A Father's Sister's Husband And His Wife's Brother's Child.

Reflections from a White Woman on Dating An Indian Man Angela's
I Was Sat Next To My 'power Guy' On The Same Side Of The Table – Instead Of Across From Each Other – At The Quaint And Lovely North-west Indian Restaurant Samarkhand, Enjoying Some Wine And Their Damn Tasty Then She Proceeded To Point, Bring In What Looked Like Her Sister Into The Gossip-fest … They Pointed, Laughed.

I Wanted To Marry The Man Of My Dreams But What Came With Him
24 Oct 2016 I Lived My Life On My Terms Until I Got Married If Only, One Woman Can Make The World A Better Place To Live In For Her Daughter-in-law, A Joint Indian Family Would Be A Better Place To Go To.

Indian Society and Ways of Living Asia Society
Whether In North India Or South India, Hindu Or Muslim, Urban Or Village, Virtually All Things, People, And Social Groups Are Ranked According To Various Essential Qualities Although India Is A Political A Wife Usually Lives With Her Husband's Relatives, Although She Retains Important Bonds With Her Natal Family Even In Rapidly .

Hindu wives still burn themselves alive when their husbands die
7 Jun 2006 The Practice Of Immolation Of A Widow On The Funeral Pyre Of Her Husband Existed Among Higher Hindu Casts In The Past The Practice Stems From The Hindu Legend Of Sati, One Of The Reincarnations Of Parvati Who Is The Wife Of Shiva And The Benevolent Form Of The Mother Goddess According To The Legend, .

do indian men love their sisters more than their wives [Archive
Hello Everybody, I Need Your Advise I Am A French Girl Married To And Indian Boy, I Am Very Concern Because He Loves His Sister Too Much!!! Actually I Would Say Taht He Is Crazy About His Little Sister!!!, If She Does Something Wrong Or If She Does Something Bad To Me, My Husband Just Excuse Her Saying That .