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Blasphemy India

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India[edit] Main Article Hate Speech Laws In India · No Hinduism, India's Dominant Religion, Being Polytheistic And Pantheistic, Does Not Have The Concept Of Blasphemy, And Laws Pertaining To Religion And Blasphemy Are Absent In The Indian Constitution While India Has No Laws That Specificly Prohibit .

Hate speech laws in India - Wikipedia
In 1991, Kerala High Court Uphold The Ban And Observed That Script Is Against The Fundamental Belief Of The Christian Faith And The Presentation Of Jesus Christ In The Play Was “both Sacrilegious And Blasphemous In April 2015, Supreme Court Of India Quashed The Ban And Observed That Ban Has Outlived Its Utility The Drama .

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In Addition, In 2011 The Indian Ministry Of Communications And Information Technology Issued New Rules Requiring Operators Of Social Media Networks To Screen And Remove Blasphemous Content Within 36 Hours Of Receiving A Complaint Protesters Against The Film Pk , Make Their Critical Response Clear Some Film Critics .

National Laws on Blasphemy India
As A Home To Numerous Religious And Ethnic Groups, India Has A Number Of Laws Against Hate Speech That Fall Under The “reasonable Restrictions” To Freedom Of Expression Permitted In The Indian Constitution Specifically, Sections 124a, 153a , 153b, 292, 293, And 295a Of The Indian Penal Code Prohibit Any Words Or .

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India Does Not Have A Blasphemy Law Which Punishes An Individual For Critisizing The Concept Of God Or Religious Beliefs… And No Individual Can Be Punished For Leaving His Her Religion Or Converting To Another Religion Apostasy Is Not Punishable In Any Way, But Can Be Used As A Ground For Divorce (does Not Automatically .

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Jan 18, 2016 The Recent Arrest – And Imprisonment – Of Kiku Sharda For 'mimicking' Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh During A Comedy Show Has Rekindled The Debate Over India's Regressive Speech Laws At The Heart Of The Present Controversy Is Section 295a Of The Indian Penal Code, A Variant Of A ' Blasphemy Law' Section .

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Mar 19, 2016 During The Recent Parliamentary Uproar Regarding The Apparent Worship Of The Demon Mahishasur Within The Territory Of The Peoples' Democratic Republic Of Jnu, The Word “ Blasphemy” Was Thrown Around Quite A Bit By Many Of The Contestants “ Blasphemy” Is A Term Unfamiliar To The Indian Legal And .

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Aug 25, 2012 Not Many Blasphemy Cases Reported In India The Population Has A Generally High Tolerance For The Other's Faith.

India's Blasphemy Law Section 295A of IPC ~ cārvāka 4 india
May 6, 2012 [295a Deliberate And Malicious Acts, Intended To Outrage Religious Feelings Or Any Class By Insulting Its Religion Or Religious Beliefs — Whoever, With Deliberate And Malicious Intention Of Outraging The Religious Feelings Of Any Class Of [citizens Of India], [by Words, Either Spoken Or Written, Or By Signs Or By .

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Those Who Study The History Of Blasphemy Laws Are Condemned To Repeat Themselves These Laws Don't Work Unless What You Are After Is More Blasphemy Consider The Case Of India In September 1917, Muslim Villages In The Shahabad And Gaya Districts Of The Indian State Of Bihar Were Besieged By Tens Of Thousands Of .

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Nov 23, 2012 When The State Miracle Was Pronounced, He Went To Mumbai And Found That The Dripping Water Was Due To Clogged Drainage Pipes Behind The Wall Where It Stood His Revelation Provoked Death Threats From Religious Zealots And Ultimately Charges Of Blasphemy Under The Indian Penal Code In The Mumbai .

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The Offences Relating To Religion Were First Codified By India's British Rulers In 1860 , And Were Expanded In 1927 Pakistan Inherited These Laws When It Came Into Existence After The Partition Of India In 1947 Between 1980 And 1986, A Number Of Clauses Were Added To The Laws By The Military Government Of General Zia-ul Haq .

Blasphemy is unpardonable sin, says Nawaz Sharif - Times of India
Mar 14, 2017 Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif On Tuesday Ordered Authorities To Take Immediate Action Against 'blasphemous' Content On The Social Media And Remove Sacrilegious Contents And Punish The Perpetrators, Days After A High Court Order.

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International Journal Of Law And Legal Jurisprudence Studies Issn 2348-8212 Volume 3 Issue 4 The Law Of Blasphemy India And The World Apurv Shaurya1 Abstract Blasphemy Is One Of The World‟s Most Abused Law When It Comes To Suppressing The Voices Of Minorities, Rationalists As Well As At Many .

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Jan 11, 2017 Actively Enforced, And India Has A Blasphemy Law That Reportedly Is Used By All Of India's Faith Groups When Their Religious Sensibilities Are Hurt • Islamic Countries In East Asia And The Pacific, Including Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, And Myanmar, Have Blasphemy-related Laws That Are Actively Enforced.

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Jun 14, 2017 A Senior Bank Manager Was Arrested Last Week After A Muslim Colleague Filed A Complaint Accusing Him Of Blasphemy , Reports Gulf News Ed From Goa, India, Was Taken Into Custody Within Hours Of The Incident At The Bur Dubai Branch Of A Local Bank On June 7 He Was Held At Al Raffa Police Station Before .

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Jul 5, 2017 He Loved Cricket And Was Very Upset When India Lost To Pakistan In The Recent Champions Trophy Tournament So There's Speculation In Rudrapur About What Incited Him Last Weekend Was It The Rumours That A Few Muslims Celebrated Pakistan's Victory In Basirhat And Baduria, Ponders Neighbour Shanti .

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws From Islamic Empires to the Taliban - Google Books Result
These Laws Are Also Applied In Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nigeria, And Zimbabwe The Notorious Blasphemy Laws Are A Part Of Macaulay's Indian Penal Code, And It Was On This Template That General Zia-ul-haq Superimposed His Own So-called Shari'a-based Blasphemy Laws Reducing A Female's Testimony To .

Pakistan, India unite on blasphemy - Daily Times
Mar 28, 2017 India Might Soon Have Its Own ' Blasphemy Law', Of Course It Already Does Have A Blasphemy Law, As Part Of The Sections 295 And 295-a Of The 1860 Indian Penal Code, Which Pakistan Adopted Following Partition And Then Added The Islam- Specific 295-b And 295-c To The Pakistan Penal Code But In The .

#JeSuisCharlie Blasphemy in Hinduism and Censorship in India
Jan 22, 2015 Free Speech, Under Attack In France, Is Also Contested In India, Where Violence Ignited By Videos Or Messages Deemed “blasphemous” Or “insulting” By Orthodox Hindus Has Long Been A Reality In 2014 Alone, Eighty-five Religion-related Attacks On The Media Were Reported (see The Hoot In Resources).

Why doesn't Pakistan reform its blasphemy laws - The Economist
Apr 25, 2017 Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws Have Been A Source Of Infamy For Decades Accusers Often Level False Claims Of Blasphemy To Settle Land Disputes, And Other Entirely Worldly Affairs The British Rulers Of Undivided India Wanted To Stop Religious Offence Giving Rise To Rioting Between Hindus And Muslims.

Cow protection laws are hurtling India down the path of Pakistan's
Oct 8, 2015 Just As The Easy Availability Of Guns In The United States Has Led To Ghastly Killing Sprees, The Laws Protecting Religious Sensitivities In India And Pakistan Are Scripting Tragic Deaths Indeed, The Cow-protection Laws In India Are Fast Becoming The Symbol Of Inhumanity And Injustice, Just As Blasphemy Laws Are In .

'Blasphemy' mob killing Pakistan needs to stop preaching to India
Apr 19, 2017 Pakistan Pm Nawaz Sharif's Claims That All Faith Enjoy Equal Rights Under The Constitution In The Country Fell Flat When A 23-year-old Student, Mashal Khan, Was Lynched By A Frenzied Mob Inside The Campus Of Abdul Wali Khan University In Khyber Pakhtunwa (kp) Province Last Week Over Allegations Of Having .

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Of Macaulay Blasphemy, The Indian Penal Code, And Pakistan's Postcolonial Predicament Asad Ali Ahmed The Publication Of Cartoons Ridiculing The Prophet Muhammed By A Danish Newspaper, Jyllandsposten, In 2005 And The Ensuing Outrage Of Muslims, Who Protested And Demonstrated Around The World Against .

Return of a spectre called blasphemy The Indian Express
4 Days Ago The Current Turmoil In Pakistan Is A Rerun The Elected Government Has Again Failed To Assert Its Authority Against Unconstitutional Forces Claiming To Act In The Name Of Islam.

Why Blasphemy Should be Celebrated - Culture News - Fair Observer
Oct 30, 2017 Professor Anantanand Rambachan Had A Similar Experience With Malhotra And Needed Law Enforcement Protection While Speaking At A Public Venue Although There Is No Official Death Sentence For Blasphemy In India, A Number Of Prominent Activists And Writers Have Been Killed In Recent Years For Speaking .

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Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on - Reuters India
Jun 11, 2017 Lahore, Pakistan (reuters) - A Pakistani Counter-terrorism Court Has Sentenced To Death A Man Who Allegedly Committed Blasphemy On Facebook, A Government Prosecutor Said On Sunday, The First Time Someone Has Been Handed The Death Penalty For Blaspheming On Social Media The Conviction Of .

Blasphemy laws exist in India too, though selectively implemented
Jan 21, 2015 Notwithstanding The Tall Claim Of Article 19(1)(a) Of The Constitution Of India, Guaranteeing A Fundamental Right To Freedom Of Speech And Expression, Which Cannot Be Curtailed By Ordinary Laws And Cannot Perhaps Be Curtailed Even By Way Of An Amendment Of The Constitution If The Doctrine Of Basic F.

Man in prison for blasphemy asked to get rich and famous to enjoy
Jhumri Telaiya 28 Yrs Old Ramesh Kumar (name Changed For Safety) Who Has Spent 6 Months In Prison After Being Booked Under Blasphemy Laws Has Been Asked To Get Rich And Famous Quickly If He People Are Running Huge Underworld Empires While Sitting In Indian Jails And This Guy Can't Even Make Some Money ”.

In a first, Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on
Jun 12, 2017 Raza Was Arrested After Playing Blasphemous And Hate Speech Material On His Phone At A Bus Stop In Bahawalpur, Where A Counter-terrorism Officer Arrested Him And Confiscated His Phone For More News From India Today, Follow Us On Twitter @ Indiatoday And On Facebook At Facebook Com Indiatoday.

Pakistan Shia man sentenced to death for 'blasphemy' - India com
Jun 10, 2017 In March, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Had Asked His Official To Block The Blasphemous Content On Social Media And Take Action Against Those Involved In This Act - Pakistan Shia Man Sentenced To Death For ' Blasphemy' On Social Media.

Christian man sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan lawyer
Sep 15, 2017 A Christian Man In Pakistan Was Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy After He Sent A Whatsapp Message To A Friend That Insulted Islam, His Lawyer Said On Friday Nadeem James Homegrown Liberals Such As Award Wapsi Gang And Evangelists Like John Dayal Cry Hoarse About Growing Intolerance In India.

Metamorphosis of the Ideals and the Actuals Blasphemy Laws in
Actuals Blasphemy Laws In Pakistan And The Transplantation Of Justice In British India Abstract While A Genealogical Exploration Of The Dichotomy Between The Real ( Legal) And The Ideal (justice) May Provide Us With An Understanding Of The His- Torical And Ideological Relationship(s) Between The Two, A Focus On This Binary.

ASIA INDIA - Blasphemy against the Christian faith
Bombay - Cases Of Defamation And Insult Against The Christian Faith Are Increasing In India The All India Bakchod Comedy Group Offered Unconditional Apology To The Catholic Church For The Blasphemous Jokes Towards Faith And Christian Symbols Used During A Performance In A Note On Facebook, The Group Said It Had .

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The Blasphemy Law In The Pakistan Penal Code And Criminal Procedure Code Is A Significant Factor In Christian-muslim Relations In Pakistan The Blasphemy Law Has Been There In British India Before The Creation Of Pakistan The Indian Penal Code Formulated In The 1860s By Lord Macaulay Contained A Clause (section .

Cops Arrest Hindu Man In Pakistan For Blasphemy As He Narrowly
May 5, 2017 Islamabad -- A 35-year-old Hindu Man In Pakistan Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Sending Blasphemous Content Through Whatsapp After Police's Timely Last Month, A University Student Was Killed By Fellow Students In Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa Province For Alleged Blasphemy Also On Huffpost India.

Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemous Facebook Comments in
Jun 12, 2017 The Prosecutor Told The Times Of India That Taimoor Raza Was Arrested “after Playing Blasphemous And Hate Speech Material On His Phone On A Bus Stop In Bahawalpur, Where A Counter-terrorism Officer Arrested Him And Confiscated His Phone ” It Was The Material On Raza's Phone That Led To His Arrest.

The Tradition Of Presenting Gifts To The Daughter By Parents On The Occasion Of Marriage Initiated During Vedic Societywith A Feeling Of Love And Affection And Honoring The Groom, This Tradition Later Transformed Into Dowry System And Greed And Encouraged Greed And Malfunctioning, Hence, Child Marriage, Sati-jauhar And .

Section 295A needs to be deleted - Rediff com India News
May 27, 2017 The Indonesian Politician Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Popularly Known As Ahok, And The English Actor Stephen Fry May Live At Opposite Ends Of The Globe -- 12,000-odd Km Apart, In Fact -- But They Share An Unlikely Controversy Accusations Of Blasphemy On May 9, However, Both Faced Very Different Fates On  .

As Muslim mob kills on blasphemy in Pakistan while India follows
As Muslim Mob Kills On Blasphemy In Pakistan While India Follows Killing On Cow Issue New Delhi May 2, 2017 (pcp) Muslim Minority In India Was So Violent That Used To Spread Riots And Killed Hundreds Of Hindu Majority Individuals Before 1970 Muslims Were Openly Slaughtering Cows Which Are Scared For Hindus And .

Indian Blogger Arrested on Charges of Blasphemy After Reposting
Sep 24, 2016 32-year-old Atheist Blogger Tarak Biswas Was Arrested In Kolkata ( India) Last Week After He Reposted An Image Critical Of Islam On Facebook And Officials Were Called In To Stop The Apparent Madness.

Blasphemy - Penguin India
Set In South Pakistan, This Controversial Novel Is A Searing Study Of Evil It Is The Tragic And Shocking Story Of The Beautiful Heer, Brutalized And Corrupted By Pir Sain, The So-called Man Of God Whom She Is Married To At The Age Of Fifteen.

Authorities ask Facebook to help fight blasphemy Pakistan News
Mar 17, 2017 Islamabad, Pakistan - Pakistani Authorities Have Contacted Social Media Website Facebook For Help In Investigating The Posting Of Blasphemous Content On The Platform By Pakistanis, According To A Statement Blasphemy Is An Extremely Sensitive Issue In Pakistan Insulting The Prophet Muhammad Carries A .

Blasphemy prosecutions are undermining the rule of law in
Jul 21, 2015 Blasphemy Statutes Deny Human Rights By Vani Sathisan, Sanhita Ambast And Reema Omer Tuesday, Blasphemy Prosecutions Are Undermining The Rule Of Law In Myanmar, India And Pakistan Blasphemy Laws, Such As Section 295(a) Of These Countries' Penal Codes, Are Inconsistent With Human Rights, .

Photo of Narendra Modi at the Spinning Wheel Invokes Gandhi, and
Jan 13, 2017 This Year, However, The Bespectacled Leader Sitting At A Spinning Wheel On The Calendar's Cover Was Not Gandhi, But Prime Minister Narendra Modi Of India The Prime Minister's Opponents Were Outraged And Equated Mr Modi's Cover Photo With Blasphemy Dozens Of Commission Employees Staged A .

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Blasphemy Is A Serious Wrongdoing In All Monotheistic World Religions Blasphemy Prohibitions Have Been Brought Into Being And Enforced So As To Protect The Dominant Religion Specifically For Example Austria (article 188 Of The Austrian Penal Code); India (articles 295a And 298 Of The Penal Code Of India ); Italy (articles .

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May 25, 2017 The British Empire Left Blasphemy Statutes In Most Of Its Colonies For Instance, Anti- Blasphemy Laws Were Codified In British India In 1860, And Pakistan Inherited Them Upon Partition In 1947 The Idea Of Such Laws In The First Place Was To Ostensibly Maintain, Through State Power, Inter-religious Stability And .

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Jan 9, 2017 I Follow Pk News On This Issue Every Now And Then And Keep Wondering What Is More Of A Crime, Even In The Eyes Of A So Called Zealot Committing Blasphemy Or Falsely Accusing Somebody Of Blasphemy Cosmo Aug 16, 2016 03 47am Because Kashmir And Water Issues With India ! Ali Aug 16, 2016 04  .

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Nov 28, 2016 Today, All Apostasy Laws In Force With One Exception Are Focused On Preventing Conversion From Islam To Another Religion Or To Atheism With The Exception Of India, All Countries With Apostasy Laws Are Majority Muslim; Apostasy Carries The Death Penalty In Eight Countries Blasphemy Laws Limit Or Criminalize .

Backed by colonial-era blasphemy laws, Pakistan has declared war
On March 27, The Interior Ministry Announced That Facebook Had Removed 85% Of “illegal, Blasphemous” Content Found On Its Website The Estimated Number April 17, 2017 Quartz India The Move Was Possible Because Of The Blasphemy Laws In Pakistan, Which Were Inherited From British Rule The Laws Are Aimed At .

The Second Tyranny of Religious Majorities - Columbia University
Innocent Pakistani Hindus Are Attacked Whenever There Is A Major Anti-muslim Incident In India, While Pakistani Christians Are Frequently Accused -- Quite Falsely -- Of Blasphemy Against Islam And Its Prophet Bangladesh, After A Heady Start As A Secular Democracy, Has Become Increasingly More Vulnerable To Pressure From  .

Pokemon Go 'blasphemous' for rewarding eggs to vegetarians
Sep 7, 2016 Pokemon Go Is Blasphemous And Should Be Banned, An Indian Court Is Told, Because It Rewards Religious Vegetarians With Virtual Eggs.

Holy Cows, Blasphemy, and Monotheism - The American Interest
Sep 28, 2016 On September 15, 2016, Religion News Service Carried A Story About The Authorities In India Examining Restaurants For Serving Illegal Beef Derived From Cows In Its 2016 Report Human Rights Watch, An International Non-governmental Organization, Gave An Account About Prosecution For Blasphemy In .

Islamic Group Calls for Death of Son of Murdered Pakistani
Jan 2, 2017 Shaan Taseer, The Son Of A Prominent Pakistani Politician Assassinated Over Blasphemy Allegations, Is Himself Now The Target Of A Police Case And A Fatwa Calling For His Killing After He Recorded A Christmas Message For Breaking News , Features And Analysis From India, Follow Wsj India On Facebook.

How blasphemy laws have exiled India's miracle-buster New
Jun 4, 2014 Where Is The Boundary Between Freedom Of Religion And Freedom Of Speech And Where, In A Modern Democracy, Is Its Rightful Place This Is The Question That Underpins Arguments Around Blasphemy Laws Critics Argue That Such Laws – Particularly In States Such As India And Pakistan – Unfairly Restrict .

Indian Lawyer Calls Pokémon Go Eggs Blasphemous In Court
Sep 7, 2016 India Boasts An Enormous Vegetarian Population, A Fact That Has Somehow Come In Conflict With Pokémon Go, Not Yet Released There Gujarat Local Alay Dave Is Claiming In Court That The App Offends His, And Other Indians', Religious Sensibilities—in This Case, Vegetarianism The Issue Boils Down To One Thing  .

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Nov 15, 2012 By Caspar Melville Catholic Groups In India Have Brought Blasphemy Charges Against Sanal Edamarauku, The Country's Most Prominent Rationalist They May Get More Than They Bargained For, Says Caspar Melville Sanal Edamaruku Is Facing Up To Three Years In An Indian Jail For Telling The Truth For The  .

Cricket in Sri Lanka without rain Oh, the blasphemy! Wisden India
Aug 11, 2017 What's The First Thing That Comes To Mind When Someone Says Wellington How About Windy When Someone Says Anywhere In England Damp And Dreary And Depressing, Right Perth Searingly Hot Dunedin Bitingly Cold Across India Hot And Humid Multan And Faisalabad Incredibly Dusty.

Azam Khan should be charged with blasphemy, imprisoned Amar
Jun 29, 2017 Expressing Absolute Resentment Over Samajwadi Party Leader Azam Khan's Remark On The Indian Army, Expelled Party Leader Amar Singh On Thursday Said The Former Should Be Charged With Blasphemy And Imprisoned His Remarks Came In Response To Khan's Statement Accusing The India Army Of .

Blasphemy laws and mental illness in Pakistan 40 - BJPsych Bulletin
For Colonial India In 1860 Became The Pakistan Penal Code1 After Independence Blasphemy Laws Historically, The Indian Penal Code 1860 Was The First Law In The Indian Subcontinent That Introduced The Idea Of ' Blasphemy' In The Criminal Laws For The First Time, This Law Made It A Criminal Offence For Anyone To Defile Religious.

Pakistan asks Facebook to help fight blasphemy - BBC News
Mar 17, 2017 Pakistan Says It Has Asked Facebook To Help Investigate Blasphemous Content Posted On The Social Network By Pakistanis Facebook Has Agreed To Send A Team To Pakistan To Address Reservations About Content On The Social Media Site, According To The Interior Ministry Blasphemy Is A Highly Sensitive And .

Double Lecture on Blasphemy in India and Pakistan - Department of
Apr 30, 2016 Double Lecture On Blasphemy In India And Pakistan Syed Akbar Hyder (uni Of Texas Austin) ” Blasphemy Laws” And Urdu Aesthetics In The Pakistan Heinz Warner Wessler (uni Uppsala) Dalit Discourses On Religion And Secularism From Dr Ambedkar To The Revival Of The Ajivikas Time And Place Double .

Man in Pakistan sentenced to death for blasphemous Facebook
Jun 13, 2017 There's Disturbing News From Pakistan, Where A Man Has Been Handed The Death Sentence For Allegedly Making Blasphemous Comments On Facebook The Guardian.

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World News Press Trust Of India Monday November 27, 2017 Pakistan's Law Minister Zahid Hamid Resigns In Wake Of Anti- Blasphemy Protests Pakistan's Law Minister Zahid Hamid Has Tendered His Resignation Following The Deadly Clashes Across The Country Between Police And Protesters Belonging To Hardline .

Blasphemy Laws and Human Rights in Pakistan OHRH
Apr 16, 2015 Blasphemy Is The Act Of Insulting, Showing Contempt Or Lack Of Reverence For God Or That Which Is Considered Sacred The British Introduced Laws Criminalizing Blasphemy In The Indian Subcontinent These Remained A Part Of The Law When Pakistan Became An Independent Country In 1947 In 1987, General .

Pakistan, India 'Honor,' Blasphemy and Persecution - Clarion Project
Jul 25, 2016 After Charges Of Blasphemy Were Filed Against A 29-year Old Christian Man In A Small Village In Punjab, He And His Family Fled The Area Even Though All The 40-50 Christian Families Living In The Yaqoobabad Area Are Illiterate (working Menial Jobs Such As Laborers Or Street Cleaners), A Muslim Neighbour And .

Hindu blasphemy cricketer MS Dhoni in trouble for posing as Vishnu
Jan 8, 2016 We Usually Think Of Blasphemy As A Crime Committed Against Islam, But It's Also A Crime To Mock Religion In Many Places Those Include India, Where People Have Been Prosecuted For Insulting Catholicism And Hinduism And Remember The Three People Jailed In Myanmar For Advertising An Event At A Bar .

Despite Danish repeal, blasphemy laws still common in Europe
Jul 13, 2017 A Pakistani Civil Society Activist Cries During A Protest In Favor Of A Pakistani Student Murdered For Alleged Blasphemy In April 2017 Despite Global Condemnation Of Such Incidents, Nearly Two Dozen Osce Member States Maintain Criminal Blasphemy And Religions Insult Laws Epa Bilawal Arbab In Voting Last .

Policy Brief Prisoners of Belief - Individuals Jailed Under
Policy Brief Prisoners Of Belief - Individuals Jailed Under Blasphemy Laws Click Here To View The March 2014 Policy Brief, Prisoners Of Belief - Individuals Jailed Under Blasphemy Laws(opens In A New Window) · About Uscirf · Welcome To Uscirf · Who We Are What We Do · Commissioners · Former Commissioners .