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Abduction Force

Abduction - definition of abduction by The Free Dictionary
Define Abduction Abduction Synonyms, Abduction Pronunciation, Abduction Translation, English Dictionary Definition Of Abduction Tr V Ab·duct·ed , Ab·duct·ing , Ab·ducts 1 To Carry Off By Force; Kidnap 2 Physiology To Draw Away From The Midline Of The Body Or From An Adjacent Part.

Kidnapping - Wikipedia
It Can Also Be Defined As False Imprisonment By Means Of Abduction, Both Of Which Are Separate Crimes That When Committed Simultaneously Upon The Same Person Merge As The Single Crime Of Kidnapping The Asportation Abduction Element Is Typically But Not Necessarily Conducted By Means Of Force Or Fear That Is, The .

Bride kidnapping - Wikipedia
In Most Nations, Bride Kidnapping Is Considered A Sex Crime Rather Than A Valid Form Of Marriage Some Types Of It May Also Be Seen As Falling Along The Continuum Between Forced Marriage And Arranged Marriage The Term Is Sometimes Used To Include Not Only Abductions, But Also Elopements, In Which A Couple Runs Away .

§ 18 2-47 Abduction and kidnapping defined; punishment
Abduction And Kidnapping Defined; Punishment A Any Person Who, By Force, Intimidation Or Deception, And Without Legal Justification Or Excuse, Seizes, Takes, Transports, Detains Or Secretes Another Person With The Intent To Deprive Such Other Person Of His Personal Liberty Or To Withhold Or Conceal Him From Any Person , .

Experimental investigation of reaction forces at the - NCBI
Because Stability Of The Glenohumeral Joint Depends On Compression Of The Humeral Head Into The Glenoid, Reaction Forces Constitute An Important Aspect Of Shoulder Biomechanics The Objective Of This Study Was To Measure Reaction Forces At The Glenohumeral Joint During Active Scapula Plane Abduction Furthermore, To .

Rotator Cuff Mechanics ShoulderDoc
Deltoid And Supraspinatus Both Contribute To Abduction Equally As The Arm Is Abducted The Resultant Joint Reaction Force Is Directed Towards The Glenoid This ' Compresses' The Humeral Head Against The Glenoid And Improves The Stability Of The Joint When The Arm Is Abducted And Overhead [ Parsons Et Al J Orthop Res 2002 ] .

Abduction Synonyms, Abduction Antonyms Thesaurus com
Rape Noun Defilement; A Forced Sexual Assault Abduction · Abuse · Criminal Attack · Depredation · Despoilment · Despoliation · Forcible Violation · Maltreatment · Molestation · Pillage · Plunder · Plundering · Rapine · Spoliation · Statutory Offense · Violation .

Any way to force an alien abduction — The Sims Forums
I've Been Playing This Sim For About A Week, He's A Mad Scientist And Has Reached Level 8 Of The Scientist Career My Entire Mental Story About Him Is That He's Going To Raise His Alien Offspring As A Test Subject In His Underground Laboratory Of Evil Doom - Which I Have Built But No Matter What I Do, He Won't Get .

Abduction forces in the one-legged stance - Journal of Biomechanics
The Forces Acting In The Abductor Muscles And On The Head Of The Femur Have Been Determined Experimentally For Three Subjects In A Range Of Different Pelvis Attitudes The Position Of The Centre Of Gravity Of The Body Was Determined By Force Measurement With Simultaneous Radiography To Relate It To The Skeleton The Forces .

The Shoulder - Google Books Result
A, Change Of Moment Arms (lever Arms) With The Change Of Abduction B, Change Of Orientation Of Muscle Contraction Force With The Change Of Abduction A, Anterior Deltoid; B, Subscapularis; I, Infraspinatus; Ld, Latissimus Dorsi; M, Middle Deltoid; P, Posterior Deltoid; S, Supraspinatus 1-4, Level Of Muscle Activity On .

Orthopaedic Biomechanics Made Easy - Google Books Result
Shoulder Joint Reaction Force The Shoulder Joint Reaction Force Depends On The Position Of The Glenohumeral Joint And The Elbow Joint It Is Usually Greatest When The Shoulder Is Abducted To 90° The Calculations Of Exact Joint Reaction Force Are Complex Due To The Large Number Of Muscles Active In Any Particular Joint Position.

Mechanics in Exercise Angle of Pull - ExRx
Very Little Force Is Required Of Agonist Muscles When Load Moves Perpendicular To Gravity (signified By Orange Arrow) Perpendicular To Gravity Orange Arrow Can Also Signify Resistive Force Vector Of Pulley Cable With Relative Positioning Of Motive Force Angles Of Pull Shoulder Abduction Force Vector Diagram (frontal Plane).

Textbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Principles & Practice - Google Books Result
Abduction May Take Place Against Any Person Of Any Age Likewise, Kidnapping From India As Described In Section 360 Can Take Place In Respect Of Any Person Irrespective Of His Or Her Age Abduction Has Reference Only To The Person Abducted In Abduction, Force, Compulsion, Or Deceitful Means Are Used Free And Voluntary .

Basic Orthopaedic Biomechanics & Mechano-biology - Google Books Result
Maximal Emg (~ Maximal Activation) Results In Maximal Isometric Force Near The Optimum Of The Muscle Force-length Curve, But In Almost Zero Muscle Force Near 60% Of Optimum Muscle Length In Fig 2-16 The Emg And Force Of The Deltoid Muscle Is Shown During Abduction Of The Arm The Peak In The Muscle Force Is Around .

Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement - Google Books Result
The Muscles Contributing To Shoulder Abduction And Flexion Are Similar The Deltoid Generates About 50% Of The Muscular Force For Elevation Of The Arm In Abduction Or Flexion The Contribution Of The Deltoid Increases With Increased Abduction The Muscle Is Most Active Through 90 To 180° (37) However, The Deltoid Has Been .

Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System - E-Book Foundations - Google Books Result
The First Dorsal Interosseus Muscle Must Generate A Strong Enough Abduction Force At The Mcp Joint Of The Index Finger To Counteract The Very Potent Flexion Force Produced By The Many Muscles Of The Thumb The Effect Of These Opposing Muscular Forces Generates A Pinch Force Between The Index Finger And Thumb ( Indicated .

Clinical Manual of Surgery - e-book - Google Books Result
Malleolus Is Intact But The Medial Ligament Is Torn (otherwise Lateral Displacement Could Not Occur) L Fractures Of Both Malleoli With Displacement Of Talus Caused By Abduction Or Lateral Rotation Force, The Medial Malleolus Is Avulsed And The Ligament Is Intact L Diastasis Of Inferior Tibio-fibular Joint Occurs Due To Rupture Of .

Robotic hand biomimicry The effect of finger force and position
Abstract The Joint Motion Profiles Of 10 Human Test Subjects Were Recorded As They Ran Their Hands Over A Flat Surface And A Convex Surface From This Data, Three Controllers For A Dexterous Robotic Hand Were Developed To Mimic This Behavior Specifically, This Work Examines The Role Of Finger Abduction Force And Position .

International Child Abduction The Inadequacies of the Law - Google Books Result
Proceedings General Overview Iv The 1980 Hague Convention A Entry Into Force And States Party B Scope Of Application C Mechanism D Use In Practice V Legal Proceedings Brussels Ii Bis Regulation A Entry Into Force And States Bound B Scope Of Application C Mechanism Regarding International Child Abduction .

A Study on Estimation of Joint Force Through - IEEE Xplore
14 Dec 2015 Abstract—we Propose A New Method To Estimate Joint Force Using A Biomechanical Muscle Model And Peaks Of Surface Elec- Tromyography (semg) The Semg Measurement Was Carried Out From The First Dorsal Interosseous Muscle During Isometric Index Finger Abduction The Semg Peaks Were Used As .

Effect of combined actions of hip adduction abduction on the force
24 May 2017 Pelvic Floor Muscle (pfm) Force And Coordination Are Related To Urinary Incontinence Severity And To Sexual Satisfaction Health Professionals Frequently Combine Classic Pfm Exercises With Hip Adduction Abduction Contraction To Treat These Disorders, But The Real Benefits Of This Practice Are Still Unknown.

emg and force production of some human shoulder muscles during
Emg And Force Production Of Some Human Shoulder Muscles During Isometric Abduction J A Ringelberg University Of Groningen, Department Of Anatomy And Embryology, Oostersingel 69, 9713 Ez Groningen The Netherlands Abstrnct-surface Emg Was Recorded In Four Subjects On Three .

HCCH Hague Child Abduction Convention soon to be in force for
Hague Child Abduction Convention Soon To Be In Force For Morocco (press Release) 9 March 2010 Press Release International Child Abduction - Morocco Joins The Hague Convention The Hague Conference Is Pleased To Receive Advice That Morocco Has Acceded To The Hague Convention Of 25 .

abduction - Dictionary Definition Vocabulary com
If You're The Victim Of An Abduction, You've Been Carried Away Against Your Will — Kidnapped The Word Comes From Latin Ab Away + Ducere Lead Abduction Is Also When You Move Your Arm Or Leg Away From Your Midline The Criminal Act Of Capturing And Carrying Away By Force A Family Member 2 N (physiology) Moving  .

Ex-head of Argentina air force sentenced in 1978 abduction of
8 Sep 2016 Omar Graffigna, 90, Was Sentenced For The Murders Of José Manuel Pérez Rojo And Patricia Roisinblit, Whose Son Was Handed Over To Air Force Operatives.

Supraspinatus tendon load during abduction is dependent on the
4 Apr 2014 Abstract Shoulders With Supraspinatus (ssp) Tears Are Associated With Significantly Larger Critical Shoulder Angles (csa) Compared To Disease-free Shoulders We Hypothesized That Larger Csas Increase The Ratio Of Joint Shear To Joint Compression Forces (defined As “instability Ratio”), Requiring .

What is Human Trafficking
Article 3, Paragraph (a) Of The Protocol To Prevent, Suppress And Punish Trafficking In Persons Defines Trafficking In Persons As The Recruitment, Transportation, Transfer, Harbouring Or Receipt Of Persons, By Means Of The Threat Or Use Of Force Or Other Forms Of Coercion, Of Abduction, Of Fraud, Of Deception, Of The Abuse Of Power .

Effects of experimental muscle pain on shoulder-abduction force
23 Nov 2007 Experimental Muscle Pain Reduced Shoulder- Abduction Force Steadiness On Average By 21% During Isometric Contractions (p = 0 012) And Tended To Do So During Concentric Contractions (p = 0 083) Middle Deltoid, And Infraspinatus And Lower Trapezius Muscle Activity Increased (3–5% Emgmax) During .

Virginia Kidnapping Abduction Laws – Kidnapping
Virginia Law, Va Code Ann § 18 2-47, Uses The Terms Abduction And Kidnapping Synonymously A Person Commits The Crime Of Abduction If S He By Force, Intimidation Or Deception, And Without Legal Justification Or Excuse, Seizes, Takes, Transports, Detains Or Secretes Another Person With The Intent To Deprive Such Person Of .

Introduction The Deltoid And Supraspinatus Muscles Are The Primary Muscles Involved In Shoulder Abduction Movement The Supraspinatus Also Acts In Conjunction With The Rotator Cuff To Stabilize The Humeral Head In The Glenoid Fossa The Relationship Between The Deltoid And Supraspinatus Muscles Have Been .

Effects of experimental muscle pain on shoulder-abduction force
Experimental Pain Was Induced By Bolus Injections Of 6% Hypertonic Saline Into The Supraspinatus Muscle Experimental Muscle Pain Reduced Shoulder- Abduction Force Steadiness On Average By 21% During Isometric Contractions (p = 0 012) And Tended To Do So During Concentric Contractions (p = 0 083) Middle Deltoid, And .

Abduction and kidnapping defined; punishment (§ 18 2-47
B Any Person Who, By Force, Intimidation Or Deception, And Without Legal Justification Or Excuse, Seizes, Takes, Transports, Detains Or Secretes Another Person With The Intent To Subject Him To Forced Labor Or Services Shall Be Deemed Guilty Of “ Abduction ” For Purposes Of This Subsection, The Term “intimidation” Shall Include .

Abduction of the humerus by postural after-contractions in man
University Of Bristol (2001) J Physiol 536p, S214 Communications Abduction Of The Humerus By Postural After-contractions In Man Effects Of Force And Duration Of Previous Voluntary Contractions Tristan Brice And Martin Mcdonagh Applied Physiology Group, School Of Sport And Exercise Sciences, University Of .

California Child Abduction Task Force
Training Irvine, Ca, November 29-30, 2017 - Child Abduction Intervention And Resource Training Learn More And Register Now! Sacramento, Ca, October 26, 2017 - The First 48 Hours Learn More And Register Now!.

Abduction Define Abduction at Dictionary com
1620s, A Leading Away, From Latin Abductionem (nominative Abductio), Noun Of Action From Past Participle Stem Of Abducere To Lead Away, Take Away (often By Force), From Ab- Away (see Ab-) + Ducere To Lead (see Duke (n )) The Illegal Activity So Called From 1768; Before That The Word Also Was A Term In Surgery And Logic .

Kinesiology of the Shoulder Complex - jospt
Amount Of Any Given Force May Alter The Entire Of Humeral Elevation (the Term Elevation Is Fre- Course Of The Movement As The F-mvements Of Quently Used In The Literature Without Differentia- The Shoulder Complex Are Analyzed, All Participat - Tion Between Abduction And Flexion ) Ing Forces Will Be Considered If The Humerus Is .

Function of the supraspinatus muscle Abduction of the humerus
We Evaluated The Function Of The Supraspinatus Tendon With A Dynamic Shoulder Model Active Glenohumeral Joint Motion Was Simulated In 10 Cadaveric Shoulder Specimens With Hydrodynamic Cylinder Forces At The Deltoid Muscle And At The Rotator Cuff Computerized Regulation Initiated Standardized Cycles Of Glenohumeral .

Online Sex Abuse Cases Not Characterized By Deception
1 Aug 2004 August 1, 2004 Online Sex Abuse Cases Not Characterized By Deception, Abduction And Force, Research Shows Findings From National Sample Of Law En Forcement Agencies Indicates That Current Prevention Efforts Emphasizing On- Line Deception May Be Missing Their Mark Honolulu - Warnings About .

Fact sheet 5 Abduction and forced recruitment of adults - OHCHR
Abduction And Forced Recruitment Of Adults, Recruitment And Use Of Children In Hostilities Chapters Xi And Xii Document A Series Of Violations Involving The Abduction And Recruitment Of Children And Adults By The Ltte And Paramilitary Groups Some Of These Violations May Amount To War Crimes Abduction Of Children Chapter .

Effects of experimental muscle pain on shoulder-abduction force
Effects Of Experimental Muscle Pain On Shoulder- Abduction Force Steadiness And Muscle Activity In Healthy Subjects Bandholm, Thomas Quaade; Rasmussen, Lars; Aagaard, Per; Diederichsen, Louise; Jensen, Bente Rona I European Journal Of Applied Physiology, Vol 102, Nr 6, 2007, S 643-650 Publikation Forskning .

Abduct Definition of Abduct by Merriam-Webster
Define Abduct To Seize And Take Away (a Person) By Force — Abduct In A Sentence.

Virginia Abduction Charge 18 2-47 Proof and Penalties
A Virginia Abduction Charge, Also Known As Kidnapping, Is Committed By Using Force, Intimidation Or Deception To Seize, Take, Transport, Detain Or Secrete Another Person With The Intent To Deprive That Person Of Liberty Or Withhold Or Conceal Him From Proper Custody.

Cops hunting two men after they 'tried to force two schoolgirls into
8 Sep 2017 Cops Are Chasing Two Men For Attempting To Abduct A Pair Of Schoolgirls Off The Street - In Broad Daylight The Thugs In A White Ford Connect Van Approached The Girls, Aged Around 15, At Oldhams Estate, Sharples Near Bolton At 10 20 Am Last Sunday Cops Are Chasing Two Men Who Tried To Abduct Teen Girls .

Experimental investigation of reaction forces at the glenohumeral
Shoulder Biomechanics The Objective Of This Study Was To Measure Reaction Forces At The Glenohumeral Joint During Active Scapula Plane Abduction Furthermore, To Clarify The Relationship Between The Deltoid And Supraspinatus Muscles Throughout Abduction, This Study Investigated The Effect Of 4 Variations Of Applied Muscle .

Teeth clenching reduces arm abduction force - ProQuest Search
It Has Been Reported That The 90° Arm Abduction Force Counteracting External Adduction Loads Appeared To Be Smaller Under Teeth Clenching Condition Than Under Non-clenching Condition To Elucidate The Physiological Mechanism Underlying The Possible Inhibitory Effect Of Teeth Clenching On The Arm Abduction, We Have .

How to Get Your Sims Abducted by Aliens in Sims 2 5 Steps - wikiHow
Do This In The Neighbourhood Mode,the Go To Your Sims House Select Your Sim, Shift-click On The Telescope While The Abducted-to-be Sim Is In Control, And Select Force Abduction Or Whatever It Says Your Sim Will Look Through The Telescope And Get Abducted Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled False Turns The Cheat Off.

New IDF orders to thwart soldier abductions replace misunderstood
23 Jan 2017 Three New Military Procedures, Allowing Massive Use Of Force, Came Into Effect This Month To Replace Controversial Hannibal Directive.

Force use of child abduction warning notices 'among highest in
18 Sep 2017 Police In North Yorkshire Are Among The Most Likely In The Country To Issue Child Abduction Warning Notices, Or Cawns.

Counteraction of deltoid force early in glenohumeral abduction
Counteracting The Deltoid Force Early In Glenohumeral Abduction The Supraspinatus And Deltoid Combine To Provide Strong Glenohumeral Abduction Early In The Motion, The Supraspinatus Pulls With An Angle That Includes A Strong Rotary Component And A Linear Component Directed Into The Glenoid (compression Stabilizing).

A Fundamental Study on the Measurment of the Hip Abduction
Here We Report Our Results Of The Fundamental Measurements Of The Hip Abduction Force Using An Isokinetic Machine (cybex) We Have Measured The Hip Abduction Force Before And After Hip Operation Since 1980, Using A Specially Developed Original Table For The Supine Position, With A Four-pointed Belt, Hand Grips, Pelvic .

Abduct dictionary definition abduct defined - YourDictionary
Abduct Definition The Definition Of Abduct Is To Illegally Take Away A Person By Using Force Or Coercion (verb) An Example Of Abduct Is To Take A Rich Person's Child For Ransom.

The Infamous Alien Abduction at F E Warren Air Force Base
29 Aug 2017 46 Years Ago This Month, A Guard At F E Warren Air Force Base In Cheyenne Claimed He Was Abducted By Aliens According To His Account, John Renz Was Headed Back To The Barracks On August 16, 1971 Around 6 45 P M As He Crossed Over The Cow Creek Bridge, Rentz Heard Several Strange Noises And .

Singapore Statutes Online - 143C - International Child Abduction Act
Notwithstanding Any Written Law Or Rule Of Law But Subject To The Provisions Of Parts I To V, The Provisions Of The Convention As Set Out In The Schedule Shall Have The Force Of Law In Singapore Contracting States 4 —(1) For The Purposes Of The Convention, The Contracting States (other Than Singapore) Shall Be Those For The .;ident=b428a787-9c0e-4eba-..

abduction for the purpose of forced marriage - UiO - DUO
This Paper Focuses On Abduction For The Purpose Of Forced Marriage And Examines The Rights And Remedies In Kyrgyzstan In My Research I Look At This Issue From A Human Rights Perspective And Focus On Cases Of Kyrgyz Women From Rural Areas As 65 Per Cent Of The Population In Kyrgyzstan Reside In A Rural Area The Cases .

Important Features of the Hague Abduction Convention
Hague Applications Can Be Filed In Abduction Cases Involving Countries Where The Hague Abduction Convention Is In Force With The United States (see List Below) For Abductions From The U S , See Our Filing A Hague Application Page For More Information For Abductions To The U S , See Our Filing A Hague Application .

Abduction Cases Are Not Always Tied Neatly With a Bow - HG org
Abduction, Or Kidnapping, Can Be Charged For Many Common Situations That Don't Require Being Tied Up And Held Against Their Will The Virginia Code Defines Abduction As The Unauthorized Holding Or Transporting Of Someone Against Their Will By Force, Threat, Intimidation, Or Deception It Doesn't Require Years Of Law School To .

Former head of Argentine air force on trial for abduction Fox News
4 May 2016 The Former Head Of Argentina's Air Force And Two Ex-subordinates Are On Trial For Alleged Abduction And Disappearance Of Activists During The South American Nation's 1976-1983 Dictatorship.

Abduction of a child - Independent Police Complaints Commission
Police Response To The Abduction Of A Child Of 3, Raising Issues About • Need For Prompt And Appropriate Action To The Report Of The Child Abduction • Deficiencies In Force Policy, Procedure And Training For Dealing With Child Abduction • Inadequacies In Force Policy And Procedure For Dealing With Critical Incidents • The Use And .

California Child Abduction Task Force LinkedIn
Learn More About California Child Abduction Task Force, Part Of Center For Innovation And Resources, Inc (cir) Join Linkedin Today For Free Follow California Child Abduction Task Force To Get Updates, News, And More.

Madonna using child abduction laws in an attempt to force Guy
4 Mar 2016 Madge Has Launched A Case Against The Film Producer At The Family Division Of The High Court Under The Hague Convention On The Civil Aspects Of International Child Abduction.

Rotator Cuff Tears - Involvement of Supraspinatus - Morphopedics
The Supraspinauts Muscle Assists The Deltoid In Abduction Of The Upper Extremity While The Subscapularis, Infraspinatus, And Teres Minor Function To Depress The Humeral Head The Muscles Of The Rotator Cuff Dynamically Stabilize The Joint During Movement Additionally The Rotator Cuff Muscles Act As Essential Force Couples To .

Index finger position and force of the human first dorsal interosseus
Plane Of Torques The First Dorsal Interosseus (fdi) And The First Palmar Interosseus (fpi) The Abduction Forces Produced By Mvc And Uns Were Very Sensitive To Index Finger Abduction Angle At A Maximum Degree Of Abduction, The Uns- Generated Force Even Reversed Its Direction Of Action To Adduction (with Fpi Dominating).

Alien Abduction - South Park Wiki Guide - IGN
16 Apr 2014 You Wake Up After Having Been Abducted By Aliens Mash A To Clench Your Sphincter It Only Works So Well, As You Now Have An Alien Probe In Your Butt After Breaking Free, Use The Anal Probe To Warp Yourself Outside Of The Force Field You're Stuck In It Is Possible To Miss Many Weapons And A Chinpokomon .

Another Christian girl 13, Abduction, Force Conversion and Force
25 Apr 2017 A Christian Girl 13, Was Abducted And Forcibly Converted Into Islam And Then Married With A Muslim A Christian Girl 13 Years, Maria Ashraf Was Abducted By A Muslim Amjad Ali On April 15, 2017 On Easter Night Who Sexually Assaulted Her And Then Converted Her Into Islam For Marriage Just To Save Him From .

Difference Between Abduction and Kidnapping Abduction vs
Abduction Is When Someone Uses Deceit Or Force In Order To Take A Person Or A Child Away From Their Home Or Relatives Kidnapping Is Taking Away Or Forcefully Transporting A Person Against Their Will And Holding Them In False Imprisonment, A Confinement Without Legal Authority The Kidnapping Is Usually Done For A Motive Or .

Moments and forces shoulder elbow - SlideShare
26 Mar 2012 The Arm Is In 90 Degrees Of Abduction And It Is Assumed That Only Deltoid Isactive The Force Produced By Deltoid Muscle (m) Acts 3cm From The Centre Ofrotation Of The Shoulder Joint The Force Produced By The Weight Of The Arm Is 0 05 Times Body Weight (bw)and Acts 30cm From The Joint Centre The Reaction .

'Sims 4' Abduction How to get abducted by aliens in the game - Mic
26 Jan 2017 Abductions Are Actually A Random Occurrence, So You Can't Force One To Occur, Unfortunately But You Can Raise The Likelihood Of One Occurring By Way Of Utilizing The Scientist Career Type If You Have Sims Who Follow The Scientist Career Path, They Have A Higher Chance Of Being Abducted By Aliens, According .

Healing Force Project - Abduction [On Board Music] by INVERTED
26 Sep 2017 Stream Healing Force Project - Abduction [on Board Music] By Inverted Audio From Desktop Or Your Mobile Device.

Forces at the Glenohumeral Joint in Abduction Clinical
Forces At The Glenohumeral Joint In Abduction Poppen, N K M D ; Walker, P S Ph D Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research September 1978 - Volume 135 - Issue - Ppg 165-170 Section Ii General Orthopaedics Pdf Only .

Abduction for Forced Marriage - SOAS University of London
Abduction For Forced Marriage – Rights And Remedies In Bangladesh And Pakistan Sara Hossain, Legal Officer For South Asia, Interights (international Centre For The Legal Protection Of Human Rights) And Suzanne Turner, Partner, Us-based Law Firm1 ' Forced Marriage Is A Means Of Controlling Female Sexuality And .